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Crazy Jodie


BUBBIE sits in her room. Enter CLEMMIE, BETH, JERRY, and JODIE.

BETH: Mother, what’s the matter?

BUBBIE: The revolution!

BETH: What revolution?

BUBBIE: Don’t you see the revolution? They’re coming!

BUBBIE shakes.

BETH: Mother, there’s no revolution.

BUBBIE: It’s a revolution! A revolution!

BETH: Mother, please. There is no revolution. Calm down.

BUBBIE: They’re killing!

BUBBIE shakes more. BETH puts a blanket around her.

BETH: Mother, here.

BUBBIE: Hide! They’ll kill you!

BUBBIE cries. BETH sits beside her and puts her arm around her. BUBBIE weeps.

BETH: She’s gone back to her childhood.

BUBBIE: They’re in the streets.

BETH: Who’s in the streets?

BUBBIE: The soldiers.

JODIE: Oh, God, Ma – don’t you think you should call somebody?

BETH: Call who?

JODIE: Somebody. A doctor.

BETH: What can a doctor do about her childhood?

JODIE: Something’s wrong.

BETH: I know that. She’s remembering some horrible things.

JODIE: You want me to call?

BETH: No. I want you to leave.

JODIE: Leave? Like Charlie?

BETH: Go into the kitchen and clean it. You made a mess.

JODIE exits.

JERRY: I’ll help her.

JERRY exits.

BETH: Mother, mother. What is it?

BUBBIE: It’s coming now. The revolution.

BETH: You’ll be okay, Mother. You lived through that. That’s why you’re here.

BUBBIE: The revolution!

BETH: I know. Whose revolution?

BUBBIE: Our revolution. My sister and I – we can’t breath!

BETH: Mother, it’s better now. You’re in a different country.

BUBBIE: We can’t go there. We’re going to be killed.

BETH: Look. I’m your Beth. You’re my mother. You have grandchildren, a great-grandchild, here in America.

BUBBIE: If we can get out, we can go.

BETH: You’re out. You got out.

BUBBIE: You think we can get out?

BETH: I know you can.

BUBBIE: Can you help us?

BETH: We’ll get out together.

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