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very eggciting video

A conclusion to a controversial blog post and picture I posted last week. The verdict is in:


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proud enough to take a picture

Each summer, when the Salisbury Post publishes “The Garden Game” series, I admire the produce and quietly snicker.

I’m standing in judgment, not actually assessing those who think they’re such hot stuff because they can grow an unbelievably large tomato — but certainly judging those who have so much time on their hands

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free range time

Each afternoon, we give our chickens a chance to free range.

They get about 90 minutes of freedom, before dark.

That’s enough time for them to eat a few bugs and enjoy themselves, but not so much that they become a nuisance to the neighbors or become a target for hawks or big,

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Omelette? Fried? Scrambled? Hole-in-One?

Yesterday, I’m stepping out of my office, which is a converted garage attached to my house, and I notice that all six of our chickens are gathered in a pack in the front yard.

So I lower myself to take a picture and they come running — either gathering for the picture or

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the makings of a great chicken wing advertising campaign

There are many platitudes about finding the good in the bad. Silver linings. Lemonade. Yin and Yang.

It occurs to me that Italy Café could use this story to market their chicken wings.

Might I suggest an advertising campaign?

Italy Cafe

“A taste of our chicken wings is enough to make you

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