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Purple, directed by Michael Kamel

In October, Michael Kamel, a young filmmaker, asked if he could use the script of my short play, “Purple,” for a short film.

I said sure, go for it. Michael is a freshman at George Mason University.

I get a fair number of requests such as this. They ALL warm my heart —

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some micro reviews (really micro)

I’ve been in going-to-The Manor-movie-mode lately and have seen some good ones. Here are the micro reviews:

Mud: Odd story. A bit of suspense and the ending delivers. It works.

Frances Ha: Loved the way it was shot. Very inventive, pleasing sense of place. Cool characters. The premise was a

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Les Mis — go see it

I love musicals and I love this movie. Go see it.

There are lots of reviews, plenty of conversations, tons of buzz. It just opened today — so there’s a lot more of that to come.

But just go. Leave the urge to critique at the door. Leave your head at the door.

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’til the season

Just saw two great moves about people overcoming enormous obstacles to create a whole new world (which is what all great movies are)…

What an awesome, inspiring experience, to walk into a dark room, sit for two hours, and witness a vivid tale of the best that the human spirit has to offer.

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The Untouchables (the French one, 2011) my kind of movie

If you Google the movie, “The Untouchables,” you will get lots of links for the Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner film about about Eliot Ness.

But if you Google “The Untouchables French Film 2011,” (or “Intouchables,” the French title) you’ll get to read about the film staring François Cluzet and Omar Sy —

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Movies that make you think (sometimes for the wrong reason)

I saw Inception the first day it was out. There were very few people in the audience. Since then, I hear it’s doing really well. Everybody loves it.

I got really bored and really wanted to leave the theater (but I was there with two other people).

It seems like the

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Want an iPad, but I do have an Eye Pad

I do have some new Eye Pads, but not an iPad.

I’d like to get an iPad and certainly will, eventually.

my iphone

When the iPhone came out, it was too expensive. A few months after release, they lowered the price $200 and I got one then. Since then, the price is

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Netflix instant download + Projector = awesome!

So far this year, I’ve been in vacation mode. Much needed.

I’ve continued 10k steps per day. Done yoga each day.

And, I’ve watched three movies.

The Shift
La Vie En Rose
I’ve always gone to movies and theatre on a regular basis.

Thanks to the economic downturn, I

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Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid"

Imagine how audiences felt when they encountered this, in 1921:

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The Ava Gardner Film Festival

I really enjoyed a brief visit, yesterday, to The Ava Gardner Film Festival in Smithfield, NC.

I also enjoyed visiting with Kirk Adam for a few minutes. Kirk is an artist who created this festival and works steadily on it throughout the year (and he was exhausted, as one would expect). The Ava

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