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Jackie Mudpie: The one who never left

We rarely called her by her full name, Jackie Mudpie. She mostly went by Jackie, and sometimes Jack-Jack or Sweet Doggie, or various sounds like Doggie-woogie-beegie-baggie-boo.

Most people have a special voice they use for their dogs, and so did I. It’s a high tone that’s a little squeaky, a little weird,

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This puppy needs a name

After spending the better part of three days repairing my website after changing hosts, it’s back.

My daughter, Sarah, experienced a heartbreak a couple of years ago.

Friday, she got a new puppy.

Last I heard, it had no name.

Thanks to iPhone, here’s a little video.

My daughters’ puppies died too young

Last night, my daughter’s new puppy died from Parvo.

It’s hard to lose a pet, especially a dog. They are nothing but love.

We never knew the puppy personally. Sarah lives in Alaska. We did know how much she wanted and loved it. She visited the puppy in the shelter since it was

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