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Who is Ted Corners?

Ted Corners

Who is Ted Corners?

Well…Ted Corners is, of course, a writer.

He has no fear of being disliked or criticized or embarrassed.

He got his name one cold winter night in the mid ’80’s, while Sam Post sat in his office on the 4th floor of the Wallace Building in

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love of headstand

I love the headstand. It’s my favorite pose – and always has been.

I need the plough, and the plough needs me – but I don’t love it. When I go into the plough, my feet don’t touch the floor anymore.

I used to think this was because my stomach had gotten to

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yoga every day

10 things I became in 2010:

More relaxed More positive More aware in the present More energy Better health Better sleep Better breathing Better focus 25 pounds less body weight aware of how noisy the world can be and that silence is the sweetest sound of all

These were not my goals.


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A few notes from the navel-gazing-sphere

I haven’t blogged much lately. Haven’t updated my Facebook status or Tweeted much either.

So I thought I’d just run through a few things that have been going on in my life. If anybody’s interested, fine. If nobody’s interested, that’s fine too. A little public navel gazing helps me sort things out for

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Why I love yoga

I know that volumes have been written, courses taught, and degrees and certifications awarded — but here are a few simple reasons why I love yoga.

1. I love breathing.
2. I love stretching.
3. I love doing stuff when it’s quiet, with my eyes closed.
3. I like standing

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ode to yoga

sometimes when I linger, out
feet are cold
can’t feel my snout

historic weather, so I’m told
neck is creaky
bones feel old

a pain in the foot, a little freaky
toe going rogue
nose is leaky

then I think of summer, hot springs in Saratoga!

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2009 goals. 2010 goals.

Today is the last day of the year.

My resolution for 2009 was to walk 10,000 steps per day, each day of the year.

I’m happy to report that I did this.

There were a few days that fell short, usually by just a few steps. But I always made up the difference

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Christmas notes '09 (navel gazing, as usual)

A few notes about Christmas here at the Post house.

First of all, I’m Jewish — so Christmas is a cultural event that includes some awesome parties, visits with old friends, a few too many perhaps (a few nights too many), and a stint volunteering at the homeless shelter.

We send cards but

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My yoga teacher

A dog makes a wonderful yoga teacher and all-around guru.

She teaches how to stretch, relax, breathe, meditate. All by example.

Notice her tail is on the corner of the yoga mat.

my yoga teacher and guru