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Note: If you’d like to produce this play, on stage or in a class — please email me and ask permission. It will be granted, but I’d really like to know about it.

Copyright 2006. Samuel M. Post

Produced by Theatre Charlotte’s 9×9@9.  The cast was:

HE — Douglas Welton
SHE — Annette Saunders
Directed by Douglas Welton

HE is at a table with several purple onions and a knife. He begins to cut an onion, slicing off the top and bottom. SHE holds a mirror and leans against the table, watching him slice.

SHE: I can’t imagine.

Not looking up, he slices. He listens, but his eyes are on the onion.

HE: What?

SHE: Can’t imagine.

HE: Can’t imagine what?

Louder. Some irritation.

SHE: If I could imagine it, I’d tell you.

HE: What are you talking about?

Softer. Speaking to herself.

SHE: Just thinking.

He slices the onion down the middle. After a moment…

SHE: You can’t imagine.

HE: Jesus! Tell me!

She lifts the mirror and looks at her own reflection.

SHE: My silly mother.

He stops slicing for a moment and watches her look at herself.

She studies herself more closely in the mirror.

He resumes slicing.

SHE: Do you think I’m a little purple?

He looks, shakes his head, cuts the onion.

SHE: My complexion.

HE: No.

SHE: Not really purple. Relative. Compared to summer.

HE: You were pink in the summer.

SHE: And now I’m purple.

HE: You’re not purple.

SHE: A little. My lips turn blue in the cold. My nose is red. Red and blue make purple.

He picks up a whole onion.

HE: This is purple.

SHE: You disagree with everything.

He resumes slicing.

HE: I have to.

SHE: No — you could agree.

HE: I have a mind of my own. I use it.

SHE: You could agree with me sometimes and still use it.

HE: I do. Sometimes. Not when you say you’re purple!

SHE: It’s called support!

HE: Agreeing all the time?

SHE: Going along — with me — some of the time. You don’t get me.

HE: Nobody does!

SHE: People get me.

HE: No they don’t. That’s what makes you special. That’s what I love about you.

SHE: Love is bullshit without support.

HE: I’m supportive.

SHE: Am I purple?

HE: No.

SHE: Then you’re not supportive.

HE: I’m not blind.

SHE: You’re not supportive.

HE: Fuck it. You’re purple.

Pleased, she takes a long look at herself in the mirror.

SHE: But you don’t mean it.

HE: I mean it. You convinced me. Support.

SHE: Something you don’t do.

HE: You want me to go along.

SHE: Only if you want to.

HE: I do.

SHE: It should be your idea.

HE: It is. You are extremely purple.

He starts to cry.

HE: Really.

SHE: I miss her.

HE: I know you do.

SHE: Can I make it through this?

HE: Of course you can.

She studies herself in the mirror.

SHE: What’s happened to me?

HE: It’s normal.

SHE: Not her. Me! Why am I this color?

She begins to cry.

HE: I don’t know.

SHE: It’s not normal.

HE: Of course it is.

She slams the mirror.

SHE: Look at me!

He stops chopping and looks.

HE: You’re the same.

SHE: I’m not!

HE: He slices.

SHE: Stop!

He puts down the knife. She goes to him, picks it up, and begins to chop.

He looks at himself in the mirror.

SHE: These holidays are the pits.

HE: Maybe so. This year.

SHE: Every year.

HE: This year. Get into it. Wallow. Next year will be different.

SHE: How do you know?

HE: It’s…logical.

SHE: Give me the logic.

HE: I’m going by experience.

SHE: Whose?

HE: People.

She chops and cries.

SHE: That’s not logic.

HE: It is.

SHE: It’s not.

HE: People get better. You will too. Logic.

SHE: That’s bullshit.

HE: I’m speaking bullshit?

SHE: Yes.

HE: It’s not bullshit.

SHE: It is.

She chops and cries.

HE: Huh uh, sweetheart. No bullshit.

He goes to her. Puts his arm around her.

HE: No bullshit here.

SHE: That doesn’t help.

HE: I know.

Holds the mirror to her. She looks at herself.

HE: No bullshit.

She cries. He comforts her.

end of play

9 comments to Purple

  • kayla

    i love this one(:

  • jaelena

    really? bad words? im 11 don’t do that…. i am practicing for a play i am doing at school ( that i luckily got into ) and i have to yell at someone, but putting bad words into a conversation doesn’t exactly make the script any better.. please if you do any more don’t put in curse words.. maybe instead of the f word and all that crap you could put crap or dang it or “shoot!” just please no more bad words….

  • Sandra

    Hi Sam love all the scripts that you have created and I was thinking that you might have a script for an 11 year old girl (me) and her 5 year old brother if you do then please tell me what it’s called if not then I was hoping you could write a really short and brief one ( doesn’t have to be good ) and email it to me at dennise.sandra@yahoo.co.uk ( don’t worry it’s a temporary email) and then I could perform to my school on Friday because we do performances on that day and perhaps put it on you tube

    Also I really like your scripts and might perform one with my friends as we all know this website and are familiar with it and created a drama group

    • Sam

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for the kind words about these short plays. Your request that I write a play for you and your five year old brother to perform at school and on YouTube is different from any request I’ve ever had before, and I admit that I am quite moved by it. However, I won’t be able to oblige.

      May I suggest you write your own! If you do, please send me the link so I can watch it.

      Good luck with the drama group. I’d love to hear more about that.



  • Mariah

    Wow, awesome play. Funny…

  • Sally

    Hi Sam,
    Just read your play Purple and although I thought it very funny, dare I say I didn’t understand it 100%…..I have my ideas to what you are getting at but I would love you to explain it in your own words as I would then like to read the play with my teenage Spanish students who are learning English. Of course I have to get my thoughts together about it before I do this.
    Would also be interested in seeing some of your other works,
    All the best, Sally

    • Sam

      Hi Sally,

      I just saw this message. I apologize for taking so long. Michael Kamel, a student at George Mason University, made a short film of ‘Purple.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-BVIVG9ltI
      It’s been a while since I wrote that — I’m trying to remember! It’s basically about a woman asking her for a little support. She’s dealing with the first holiday without her mother.


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