Little to talk about

It’s not that I haven’t had time to blog lately.

It’s just that I haven’t had anything to say.

I have been watching the political news, the talk of health care, racism, tea baggers, Obama, Obama-haters, financial Situations, unemployment — all the American-style extremism…  What can you say?  It’s all crazy — our leaders trying to find their way in the world with all this new media.  Let’s hope they do find their way and we become a country that is, once again, governable.

But, there are a couple of things:

Started a new walking routine.  I’ve found a bench near a creek, and I stop there for about fifteen minutes — in the middle of my walk — and well…sort of meditate.

The dog calms down also.  Sometimes she interrupts by licking my fingers.

This is a pleasant addition to the daily walk, and I highly recommend it.

Other than that, same ol’ same ol’…

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