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Facebook is like being in 7th grade again, but a lot easier.

With many friends, we’re really connected – before, during, and after Facebook.  Family, school, work, weddings, funerals, births.  Several of my Facebook friends have given me a ride home when I’ve had two too many — going back a number of years.  If that’s not a friend, who is?  Some of my friends are actually my closest relatives — like my wife and kids (not the 16 year old; I’m much too uncool).

Other friends become friends – after running into them on Facebook and deciding to be friends.

Add. Confirm.  A web 2.0 relationship has begun.

Next time we see each other, not only have we mutually confirmed the fact that we are, indeed, friends — but we’re more familiar than ever.

Some I’ve known online for years.  Good friends indeed.

Then there are those I’ve known in real life forever – but not sure if we’re friends.  They show up on my Facebook.  I probably show up on theirs.  I see them in real life.  They see me.  It’s a small town.  In The South.  We appear on walls, wondering (at least I am) who will make the first move?  They probably think I’m really messed up.  Damn, are we friends?  I don’t know.  We’ve seen each other a lot but really don’t know each other very well.  Nobody clicks and we leave it at that.

Exactly like seventh grade.

There are the former students.  We’re all adults now, and we’re friends.  Such pleasure.

Then there’s the one who used to be a real friend in real life.  Thinking it was high time we patched things up, considering the spat took place in the mid-1990’s, I thought Facebook might be the perfect opportunity.  Did not get confirmed.  C’est la frickin’ vie.

Then there are those from high school and college – so easy to locate on Facebook.  Potentially a great friend – going back that far – I think.  Except my 52 year old brain cells don’t remember the name or face.

With social networking from the start, the younger generation will experience life and friendship in a different way.

Perhaps they won’t forget anybody, unless they do.

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