Tough to work when it's this nice outside

I spend a lot of time in my messy office, working at my computer.  My dog, Jackie Mudpie, likes to be with me.  She stares out the window.  Usually, she keeps her face inches from the glass.  Today, she’s a few feet back:

Every so often, she asks to go out.  Either she jumps, because she’s seen a squirrel she wants to chase, or she cries, because she’s seen a squirrel she wants to chase.

A few minutes later, she tells me to let her back in.  She does this with a bark.

This is a neglected yard.  An azalea forest that rarely gets pruned or fed.  Nevertheless, it’s particularly beautiful this time of year:

It’s always a little harder to get work done when the weather is this nice.  That was the paradox of exams in school.  The most important week of the year to work was the week when one felt least like working.

Not much different now.

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