Dodo of the Year and Kiwi Chid in Ava Gardner Film Festival

Two screenings of Dodo of the Year, and one screening of Kiwi Child, are scheduled for next weekend at the Ava Gardner Film Festival, Nov. 18-21, in Smithfield, NC.

Dodo of the YearDodo of the Year Cast and Crew (the same people, except for me)

I made these films and I’m the first to admit they are not masterpieces.  But, looking back, I do find them amusing.  They both contain anti-W sentiments — something I’m proud (and something that was not so popular in these parts at that time).   Both films involved working with some of my favorite people and were therefore great gobs of fun to make.

This is the third year of the Ava Gardner Film Festival, and the third year I’ve had something in it.  Two years ago, they screened Coffee Therapy.  Last year, they screened The Coffee News Guy Sitcom.

Kirk Adam created this film festival and he runs it.  He is not only a generous guy (he’s including my films) — he’s also quite a fine artist.

Also, last year, they premiered Coffee Culture USA, a documentary that includs a segments about coffee shops around the country.  One of those segments was about our filming of Coffee Therapy, at Escape the Daily Grind in Salisbury, NC.

The screening schedule is here.

Kiwi Child which will be screened Saturday at 6pm, is one of “Narrative Shorts Five.”  Dodo of the Year, will be screened Thursday at 5:30 and Saturday at noon.

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