How to handle a recession

Now that we’re all experts, here’s my list:

How to handle a recession

by Sam Post

1.  Make your own bread
2. Walk a lot
3. Drink lots of water
4. Fart around on the internet a lot, especially Facebook
5. Smile
6. Laugh
7. Drink beer
8. Blog
9. Take some naps
10. Have a birthday or two
11. If you’ve been a vegetarian for many years, eat two pieces of fried chicken and then go lie down for awhile
12. Remember the last time unemployment was this high, 30 years ago, and how you had a job and didn’t even know how bad it was
13. Drink a good cup of coffee (any coffee is good with an ample splash of half and half)
14. Meditate
15. Work
16. Write some poems
17. Enjoy your dog
18. Watch some old sitcoms
19. Read some stuff
20. Be grateful for all the good — and there’s plenty of it
21. Eat some nuts

I guess the way to handle a recession is pretty much the same as handling life at any other time.

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