Poodle Puppies

I have new respect for pet photographers.

Carol Archie in China Grove is advertising her puppies in our paper, Coffee News.  I went to her house to see the puppies and organize the ad.

I wanted to offer a trade — a puppy for the ad.  My wife said no way.

She’s right.  We don’t need the responsibility of another dog, much less the expense.

She was especially concerned about Jackie Mudpie (who sits with me now, staring out the window as I blog).  With a second dog, Jackie would not get her full dose of constant attention.

“She’s a very jealous dog,” my wife said.

I thought if I took a few pictures then my wife and daughter would certainly send me back to get one.

These are “Phanthom” poodles, a term that refers to their markings.  If you want one, call Carol Archie at 704-857-7522.  They are now eight weeks old, and she has eight.

Keeping an iPhone still enough to take a decent picture is already a challenge.  Combine the need for a steady hand with the need for a relatively still subject, and it’s a fairly impossible task.

The puppies are a lot cuter in person than they are in my pictures (most of which were complete blurs and had to be deleted).

They were exceptionally friendly people pups. They struck some great poses, made some awesome expressions.

But they simply would not stop moving.

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