Letter to AT&T

Dear AT&T,

Wow! Thanks for the $5 “courtesy” adjustment on my cell phone bill!

That really helps compensate me for weeks of missed calls, dropped calls, and voice mails delivered five and ten hours after the call.

Just because this has been going on for several weeks now, I can understand why you only credited me five bucks for one day — yesterday. I know, I’ve called you other days, but yesterday is the only time I got transferred to the other division and talked to the other person.

Please don’t worry about my time. It was only fifteen minutes of waiting in order to get transferred to wait another fifteen minutes and then talk to a rude, patronizing snot who spoke at a snail’s pace. By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t have time to then proceed with the troubleshooting he suggested, via another phone — in order to see if the problem was with my iPhone or with AT&T. I just didn’t want to take the time because I know the problem is not the phone. The problem is with AT&T. I know this because I’ve talked with several other people who are having exactly the same problem.

Also — please don’t worry about not calling me back in one hour, as you promised.

If you’re interested, re-starting the iPhone did not cause my voicemails to be delivered. However, when I dialed one for the voicemail in the standard way (rather than use the iPhone’s visual voicemail feature) I did get all the day’s messages. I’m just glad people called back and told me they had left messages, or I would have never known!

And please don’t worry about charging me that monthly data fee for the visual voicemail, even though it’s not working correctly.

By the way, I found that I can receive my voicemails when I go in and delete one message. It’s not that the box is full, it’s just a glitch in your system. Delete one and presto! Eight missed messages from that day arrive!

Aren’t you happy that I discovered this little workaround?

Please know that I understand. This is technology. Of course it’s not perfect. Customers need to get in there and dig! And we should pay the premium price in the meantime, so you have all the money you need to work on it.

It’s okay that my messages from the morning and afternoon (beginning at 8:25am), arrived at 10pm. Better to get them all at once.

Also, don’t worry about the calls I simply do not get, on a regular basis, that go directly into voicemail — that I later get by deleting one of the voicemails. No problem!

Also, don’t worry about the hundreds of dollars of lost revenue yesterday for our business. All of those people who called yesterday, wanting to do business with us — I’m sure they don’t mind calling back another day. They might get lucky then!

Please, please don’t worry about your slow, clueless customer service and less-than-generous adjustment. We appreciate being able to pay you $250 a month for five phones, extra features, and lots of minutes — and we certainly don’t expect dependable service in return.

By the way, these problems started when the new iPhone came out and the prices dropped. I think you’re activating so many accounts that your system is a bit overloaded. Congratulations!

And again, thanks for the “courtesy” adjustment to my bill. Five dollars! That’s so courteous!



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