Limerick: There once was a Prez named Obama

There once was a Prez named Obama
Who thought the ER was for trauma.
Why so much cash
To look at a rash
On a child, daddy, or mama?

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  1. There is a current President
    Before he was elected, had lots to Say
    Making Promises to Every resident
    In a nation, in Turmoil and Dismay
    Promises that he is Barley Keeping
    But Why the Surprise? this is the Way
    Every Prez Before, kept the Citizen Weeping
    And Big Business in charge of Our Land
    Bailout the Greedy,appeasing them Without Money
    Less for the Meek, and more for the Grand
    Feeding us Feces, as though it were Honey
    Minimal aide, and here’s what is Funny-
    People can’t see it, believing Everydaze Sunny.

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