Birthers and Deathers

The Birthers Theory

On August 4th of sixty-one
the mama
of Barack Obama
thought she’d have a little fun.

She knew that maybe
her new baby
might run for President.
So he needed to be
a legal resident.

An epiphany she had that night!
The light!  The foresight!

Secure a future Presidential Race
by forging his birthplace!

The Deathers Theory

And now
in this gathering storm
for health care reform

some people say:

“Insurance today
is fine!  Fair play!

What’s worked before,
may work again.
We’ll make stuff up
and win!

Tell a little lie:
Psssst: some people
want others to die.

In order to kill the bill
just say ‘the bill will kill.'”

Who else wants to scream
When they hear this nonsense, so extreme?

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