12 things I like or don't like about this cold weather

Lately, it’s been pretty cold.  I’m not that surprised, since it’s January.

Things I like about this cold weather:
1. It’s North Carolina.  Even the coldest temperatures aren’t all that cold.
2. Feels that much better when it hits 65 degrees (soon).
3. Sort of crisp and bright and refreshing.
4. Makes a hot shower that much better.
5. Make a hot cup of coffee or tea that much better.
6. The air seems cleaner.
7. No worries about the fact that the air-conditioner in my car no longer works.
8. It’s cozy.

Things I don’t like about this cold weather:
1. Next month’s gas bill.
2. Exercising inside.
3. Waiting for the car to heat up.
4. Next month’s gas bill.

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