Is Fox News really a news organization? Is MSNBC?

It’s interesting that while CNN is scrambling to cover the earthquake in Haiti, Fox news is talking about filibusters and stopping health care reform.

Is Fox News really a news organization?

MSNBC (my preference) is talking about Jay and Conan and late night comedy.

If they were “news organizations,” wouldn’t they be reporting the strongest earthquake in 200 years?

Both of them are basically talk radio.

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  1. Well of course they’re news organizations. but they each have their audience and they each know their audience. I watch FOX when I want to watch the news they cover and I watch the others when I want the news they cover. I tried to watch MSNBC and I couldn’t stomach the hatred and vitriol by Matthews and Olbermann.
    FOX certainly has its share as well, but not nearly as much and when they start I simply change channels and watch Andy or something.
    And it’s quite apparent that FOX is the clear favorite between the two. Viewers come from all points of view, which is good. It shows it’s favorable general appeal among liberal and conservatives. I read somewhere that more liberals watch FOX than MSNBC which speaks highly of their fairness considering that 2008 was a banner year for liberals even while many liberal, (far left) claimed that FOX was far right.
    That allegation is always a chuckler to me.

  2. I have no idea Sam. Most probably on a blog somewhere. I didn’t put a lot of credibility in it frankly, but with FOX ratings consistently ahead of MSNBC it would seem they’re offering viewers something they’re not getting with MSNBC and CNN.

  3. You only need to watch FOX NEWS for a few seconds to see what they’re offering: simplicity, anger, a single right wing point of view.

    Has nothing to do with ratings. Really — Jerry Springer had good ratings too. He knew exactly what he was doing.

    Check out the Sunday morning shows (Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week) or The News Hour on PBS, if you want to see both sides, fair and balanced.

  4. Oh I agree about Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week and The News Hour, but I thought we were talking about FOX and MSNBC.
    I’m just wondering what channel SEIU and ACORN are asking the Massachussetts voters to watch. Let’s hope it the one’s you suggest but I highly doubt it.

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