Losing some weight with 'my favorite foods'

I’ve lost eleven pounds the past four weeks and plan to lose a little more.

Using a great little iPhone app called Lose It! It’s basically an easy way to log food and count calories.

Lose It! also has a website that offers a forum, social networking, and some interesting reports.  When data is entered on the phone, it’s immediately recorded on the website.  The site, however, doesn’t allow data entry; that’s strictly on the iPhone.

It’s actually been quite easy.  The biggest change I’ve made is cutting down on bread.  I love bread.  I’m also eating smaller portions of rice and pasta.  I also love rice and pasta.

I’ve increased my yogurt intake substantially.

Today, I took a look at the website and noticed it records my favorite foods.  No surprises here, since they are, after all, my favorite foods.

reduced calorie bread
half & half
brown rice
reduced calorie cheese
another kind of yogurt

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