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Yesterday, I traded my ’94 Honda Civic (238K miles and in pretty rough shape), for a far shinier ’85 Honda Civic Wagon with only 143k miles.

The one I got seems to be in pretty good shape, except for the fact that it overheated the first day — so the jury’s still out.

I love the five door convenience.  Great for carrying around boxes of Coffee News.

It also sits higher, so it’s much easier on my knees while doing deliveries — which I do a lot.

There are always a few surprises with a used car.

For example, this morning, I drove it to a mechanic to have the air-conditioning converted and the overheating checked out.

When I pulled down the sun visor, down dropped a condom.

And not just any condom, but a Magnum Large Size.

Perhaps this new car has overheated in more ways than one!

In any case, I hope the coolant, or perhaps a radiator flush, does the trick.  If it’s got a blown head gasket (which I don’t think is the case), I’ll be disappointed.

my old 94 honda
my new 85 Honda
Magnum Large Size Condom

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