Dear Apple: I want to buy an iPhone but can't

Dear Apple,

I want to buy a new iPhone but can’t.

My current computer, a dual 1.8 G5, still works like a charm.  It runs OS 10.4.11, aka Tiger.

The PPC processor can’t run Snow Leopard, even though we own the family pack.

Yes, I know I could run plain Leopard, 10.5.8 — and I could get the new phone and sync.  This would cost me an additional $129, which makes the new phone a little pricey (still less than I paid for the Original iPhone I currently use).

However, because I use several different graphic packages, and have a working driver that prints to a rather old but very expensive digital duplicator — and my business depends it — I’m afraid an OS upgrade would break something, cause serious problems to my workflow, and disrupt my business — thereby putting me out of business.

I’ve used the Mac since it was invented.  Before that, I used an Apple IIc.  Before that, beginning in 1982, an Apple II+.   I’ve got a little museum of old Macs on the floor of my office.

Alas, one of the reasons so many of us love Macs is because they work so well and last forever.

But now I feel caught between a phone and a hard place.

The 2G phone reception on my Original iPhone is getting worse and worse because AT&T seems to be degrading this service in favor or 3G.  That’s okay, if I could get a new iPhone that uses 3G — something I want to do.

But I’d like the phone to sync with my computer.

Tiger is an excellent operating system.  The G5 dual processor Power Mac is a great computer.

I would buy a phone today, if I could.  But I’m not in the position, currently, to buy a new computer, new duplicator, and all new software.

So my question is this:  Why not let your engineers allow the newer iPhones to sync with the older Macs?  Users of older PC’s CAN do this.  Windows XP is nine years old, and users of this OS are able to buy new phones and sync with their computers.  Why not Mac users?



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