Beware small business owners: Fox News is not doing you any favors

I’ve been in retail businesses — even restaurants — that allowed Fox News to blast background noise all day long.

This is not a good idea.

Whether or not the owners or customers agree with the right wing viewpoint, no one can dispute the fact that every news network — and particularly this one — has a negative outlook.

When people are shopping, mood is important.

Very important.

Slamming Obama, and the economy, 24/7, may feed those who are frustrated.  Many customers may agree with every word.  But it does not lift one’s mood.  It does not make for a happy consumer.  It won’t make people feel like buying.

The big grocery stores know this. They always play snappy music.

Watching Fox News all day (or any news channel) will put everybody in a funk — and, in an economy that’s already tough, will certainly not help a business survive.

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