website birthday

birthday cakeI was so busy Monday that I forgot to wish happy birthday to my website,

It just turned 11 years old.

We say a dog year is equal to seven human years. calculates an internet year as equal to 4.7 human years.

This would make this website almost 52 years old.  I’m 54, so we’re almost the same age.

It was born on February 7, 2000, when I made a call to, a web hosting company in Oregon.  This company has since changed it’s name to, and it’s still my host.

Two years ago I started using WordPress and changed it from a static website into a blog.  That’s been fun.  For all the years before that, I made changes, but not often.  My html skills have never been too swift.

The traffic continues to grow.  It now consistently gets over a thousand unique visitors a day.  I used to list a couple of pages of my short plays and then invite readers to email me for the whole play — respecting copyright, permission, royalty payment, etc.  When I switched to a blog, I started listing the whole plays and giving permission freely.   It’s not a money making endeavor anyway — so that’s probably been the best move I ever made.  Most of the site’s visitors seem to be students who are searching for a quick ten minute play.  I get emails almost daily asking permission to use those plays for a class project or student production. Each request warms my heart a little more.  Thanks, guys!

I realize there’s not a whole lot of interest in what I had for dinner or what my dog did that amuses me or how much I enjoyed my daily walk or what little poem just popped into my head — but every once in a while, a blog post gets a lot of attention, usually when I write something about a certain former governor of Alaska.

I enjoy it and am looking forward to sharing more and possibly making some changes — perhaps adding a guest blogger or two, or blogging more often, linking to more stuff.  I don’t know, something. Just thinking…

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