a note from Rumania

I got a very nice email from Francesca Diaconu at Alexe Marin Technical Secondary School in Slatina, Romania.

She asked about performing Responsibility and, as always, I asked if she could send me some pictures.  She did!

The subject of her email was “The play was a success.”  The note and photos warm my heart.   I only wish I could have made the trip and seen the show.  Thanks Francesca.

3 Replies to “a note from Rumania”

  1. You may come one day in Romania! It could be inspiring for your writing as it is a beautiful country with spectacular landscapes and worm people! It could be inspiring for your writing … moreover we already love you!

    1. I would love to visit Romania. I’ve only seen it in the movies. One day. I’ll email you before I come and we can meet for a cup of coffee.

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