How many blogs can a guy write about his dog?

How many blogs can a guy write about his dog?

One more, I guess.

This one, Jackie Mudpie, has been sedentary these winter months.

I’ve taken her for walks a few times, but many cold or wet days I’ve walked in the mall — while she has spent her time in various stages of meditation on the living room couch.

And now, on a warm Sunday afternoon in late February, as I get outside for a brisk walk, I’m one year older.

In dog years, she’s aged much more.  She’s seven years older — a bit flabby, out of shape, and dragging.

That’s okay.

I plan to give her lots of exercise these next few weeks.  By June, she’ll be chasing birds again.

And in July, I won’t have the heart to expose her to the heat — so she’ll be back on the couch.

A dog’s life.

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