Why are cynics/birthers so inspired to battle hope?

Obama, Hope

Was talking with somebody yesterday about Obama and the birthers — and how it’s simply racism without using the language of racism.

“He should be a hero, somebody young people should look up to,” said my friend.  “After all, he’s a self-made man.  He came from a modest background, a mixed-race family, and worked his way to the top.  Instead of making millions, he chose to be a community organizer and help low-income people work their way up.

“He talks about ‘hope.”

It occurs to me that a number of great leaders who have talked about hope have paid a heavy price.  MLK.  JFK.  RFK.  JC.  Ghandi.

The birthers are practicing a form of assassination.  It’s verbal, but the thoughts and goals are the same.

Why is it that cynics (birthers) are so inspired to battle by the idea of hope?

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