Business has been good these past few weeks. We’ve been selling lots of ads for our six editions of Coffee News.

And I haven’t been blogging much lately.

This is good, since the ad sales support the family and the blogging is just, really, for fun.  Not that there’s anything wrong with fun.  Ads can be fun too.  But…

The question is, have I not been blogging because I’ve been busy selling, writing, and designing ads?  Or have I been selling, writing, and designing more ads because I haven’t been blogging?

I also changed servers, to a different host — and moving this fair-sized, eleven year old website was not exactly a picnic.  It took me a few days.  I’m not bad with this kind of technology, but at 54 years of age, it’s not completely intuitive.

Ah, life is such an exquisite balancing act.

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