Who is Ted Corners?

Ted Corners
Ted Corners

Who is Ted Corners?

Well…Ted Corners is, of course, a writer.

He has no fear of being disliked or criticized or embarrassed.

He got his name one cold winter night  in the mid ’80’s, while Sam Post sat in his office on the 4th floor of the Wallace Building in downtown Salisbury (now known as the Plaza).

Sam had just been to the convenience store for a cup of coffee and the National Examiner caught his eye. He bought a copy and read a few articles and realized that this stuff was not true.

So Sam wrote a story about a woman who got so mad at her husband that she killed his dog and fed it to him in spaghetti sauce for dinner.

Before sending it to the publisher, Sam needed a name for the author of this trash. So he looked around the room and noticed something. The walls of the room met at the ceiling, and that was a “corner.”  The name “Ted” was, well, short and quick to type.

Years later, Sam got the idea to pull some (not all) of those old, rejected novels out of the dusty disk drive and publish them on Kindle. Sell them cheap and if anybody bought them make a few bucks. He knew that in the world of literature, these novels were pure crap. He wanted them to enjoy life anyway and make a few bucks. He did not want the name Sam Post on them.

Ted had died in the late 80’s. He came back to life in the fall of 2011.

And that’s who Ted Corners is.

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