an amazing bladder

Stories about other people’s dogs are usually not that interesting.

That said, stories about my own dog are endlessly intriguing. To me. And this is one of those stories.

Alicia and I do not leave town often. So Jackie-Mudpie (our dog), has only been boarded a few times in her ten year life.

This past weekend, we were in Atlanta — and we left her in the care of our vet, with their brand new facility, for three days.

Now — Jackie is a modest girl. We often take her on day trips to the mountains. When we stop, at rest stops, or even in the vast woods beside Warren Wilson College, she’s usually thirsty enough to drink plenty of water — but she never, ever, uses the facilities. She simply waits until she gets home. She holds it all day. All day. And into the night.

That’s her history.

So, this past weekend, we dropped her at the vet at 1pm on Friday and went to Atlanta. We arranged for them to give her a bath on Monday, and for us to pick her up Monday afternoon.

About mid-day, Monday, I got a call from the vet’s office.

“Your dog has eaten very little and not gone to the bathroom since she got here,” said the nice lady from Dr. Lowe’s office. “Would you like the vet to have a look at her?”

I thought for a minute and concluded that, if she had held it for three days, she would go as soon as she got home. If she’s sick, we’ll know that immediately and take her back to the vet. I’d rather not spend the money on an unnecessary doctor bill.


“Nope,” I said. “We’ll bring her home first and see how she does.”

Alicia went and got her shortly after 3pm. When she drove up, in our driveway, and opened the door, Jackie bounded out and made a dash for her usual spot in the bushes.

Then she ran inside an ate.

Then she took a nap. Content and happy to be at home. A homebody, she is. And modest.

Alicia reminded me that our children were the same way when they were younger and spent nights away at friends’ sleepovers. They had fun, but they crashed on the couch and slept when they got home.

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  1. your story struck me “just right” for some reason, Sam. It was a restful island in my current “stream”
    Danke schoen. ­čśë

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