Love Poem, the short film, directed by Simon O’Keefe

I wrote Love Poem in the 90’s, when we were doing the 9×9@9 shows at Theatre Charlotte.

Since that time, it’s been produced several times in 10 minute play festivals. At one point, I thought I would shoot it. And I’ve had a number of requests from people in this country and others to make that film. I always said what I always say: “Sure!”

To my knowledge, nobody’s ever shot the script, until now.

Simon O’Keefe, a film major at SUNY Buffalo State College emailed me in February and asked my permission to film the play.

And today — he emails to tell me that he has done that.

I love this, on many levels. It’s a contribution to students who are creating their lives: Simon, a sensitive, engaging director; Joseph, the spot-on DP; and Elan and Amanda — the beautiful, meticulous young actors.

And of course it’s fulfilling for me to see these words explored on film. It satisfies the person who, although never on stage or on screen, is always the biggest ham in the room, the writer. Thanks, ya’ll, for  this extraordinarily generous gift.

It’s awesome work, creating film, and you did great work. I hope you learned from the experience and got an A (that would be my grade) — and I hope I have the opportunity to see your careers unfold in the future.

I’m proud to share this:

“Love Poem”
Starring Elan LaFontaine and Amanda Wickmark
Cinematographer Joseph Wachowski
Directed by Simon O’Keefe

Elan LaFontaine and Amanda Wickmark in “Love Poem”

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