Responsibility cast and production team


I had an eventful Easter Sunday.

The Theatre Department at Lander University, in Greenwood, SC, put up an evening of Student Directed One-Act Plays — and they held a Sunday matinee.

Senior Nik Blocker directed one of mine, Responsibility.

I went to the show. It was a bit of a drive, but I took the back roads, through Sumter National Forest, and it was quite pleasant.

Not knowing what to expect at 3pm on Easter Sunday in a black box theatre in rural South Carolina, it turned out to be a blast. There was a great audience and plenty of good material in the five one-acts — and a great assemblage on stage of talented, fully self-express college students.

There’s something about spring on a college campus. All that end-of-year emotion — the vibrancy of youth mixed with the anxiety of upcoming exams and pending completion.

Seeing ‘Responsibility’ was a blast from the past. It refers to CD’s and videos from Blockbuster and the American Taliban.

The students were wonderful and did a great job. The best part was getting to meet them after the show.

I have a big ol’ soft spot in my heart for education, and am grateful to be included in this way.

I wanted a picture, and ended up being in it.

L-R. Sam Post, Markeita Cornelius, Pamela Mitchell, Matthew Holley, Nik Blocker, Holly Horton.
L-R. Sam Post, Markeita Cornelius, Pamela Mitchell, Matthew Holley, Nik Blocker, Holly Horton.

(Left to Right) Me, Markeita Cornelius (Mother), Pamela Mitchell (Daughter), Matthew Holley (Father), Nik Blocker (Director), Holly Horton (Stage Manager).

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  1. I was there as well and I am proud to say the daughter in this play was my daughter! I really enjoyed the one acts myself and of course anything my daughter is in is always special to me. I love to see her get into character. I know it meant a lot for you to come see the show. Thanks for taking the drive to see the plays.

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