The big, quiet lie is now ear-splitting

What’s so cool about this time we’re in — with so much hardship and loss and chaos and conflict — is that many people are seeing possibilities they never saw before. 

The protests are markers in our history, communicating that massive numbers of people have tolerated waiting, staying quiet, and inaction long enough.

The majority generation is now eager to do something about some basic unfairnesses. 

Suppression begets resignation — until it doesn’t anymore.

Trump, McConnell, Barr, Graham — these are also markers in time — markers of a desperate cling to minority rule. 

The pandemic and election brought the fuzzy impact of minority rule into clear focus. 

RBG’s departure, and the strong-arm replacement with a human rights denier, is making this conflict even louder.

A lie has been exposed — and it’s a lie that’s so big, and so loud, that it can’t be explained away as anything else.

The prospect of destroying the planet, denying health care, denying democracy, revoking human rights — paid for by big business against the will of the majority — is getting very loud.

People are voting and big change is coming.

The big shift may take a few cycles, but you can feel it getting off to a pretty strong start now.

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