Close call. Big price.

His numbers in that leaked phone conversation are phooey. But the enthusiasm for overturning an election was there. Just imagine if Trump had had that same enthusiasm for dealing with COVID.

If he had gotten obsessed with PPE production and distribution, mask-wearing, social distancing, financial relief, and vaccine distribution, he would have saved lives and won the election.

During the debates, he barely mentioned Operation Warp Speed. He dismissed it, in a split second. It just wasn’t exciting enough. But it was a valid accomplishment he could have spent some time bragging about.

He spent more time on one call with the Georgia Secretary of State, trying to steal rights from Americans, than he spent on speaking constructively about COVID in a year.

This is just to say that if he had been slightly normal — just a little — we would be stuck with him for four more years.

Alas, he was no where in the same universe as slightly normal, ever, either in public or on leaked phone calls. And now he seems to be galaxies away from normal.

Meanwhile, most congress folks in his political party (if you could call it that), are just la dee da, please let me now take my oath of office.

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