Maybe more guns is the answer

The heartbreaking Nashville mass shooting and ongoing congressional constipation over gun control have left us wondering if there’s a way to preserve the Second Amendment while making our society safer. The answer may lie in embracing technology, much like how smartphones replaced flip phones or computers replaced typewriters. Recent events, such as the batshit crazy TikTok hearings and the North Carolina General Assembly’s decision to do away with handgun registration, emphasize the need for solutions that don’t involve the government.

As someone who personally supports strict gun control like most countries have, I recognize that repealing the Second Amendment seems unlikely. Instead, we could uphold both guns and the Second Amendment by embracing technological advancements. Just as technology has driven progress in industries like social media and transportation, it could revolutionize firearms, making them safer and more secure.

Historically, the NRA has opposed smart guns, but imagine a world where their opposition becomes irrelevant, all because of an ingenious invention that takes the firearms market by storm. Picture the next Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs stepping onto the scene, unveiling a groundbreaking firearm as revolutionary as the iPhone. This game-changing creation wouldn’t just pique the interest of gun enthusiasts – it would be irresistible to them.

Envision a non-profit organization stepping in to subsidize the purchase of these cutting-edge weapons. Americans want a safe country and would donate to the cause, making the superior product easier to buy than the earlier generation products. This would shake up the entire industry, rendering traditional firearms manufacturers obsolete in the face of a cheaper, better product.

Ironically, this unique solution in the United States might involve selling more guns rather than less – but a different, smarter kind. This innovative force would not only disrupt the market but also redefine the entire conversation around firearms, safety, and the Second Amendment.

If these advanced firearms became dominant in the market, schools could be safe zones where all firearms are automatically deactivated using geofencing technology. Of course, there will still be existing weapons and ammunition in circulation, and traditionalists and criminals will keep the older models. However, if the new gun is significantly better and more affordable, companies may go out of business. Those AR-15s without smart technology, the weapon of choice for mass murderers, will be harder to buy and more expensive. The market will eventually decide in favor of a safer America where children can attend school without fear.

By giving control to the real market, the American people, we can take it away from organizations like the NRA, which, despite having a limited number of backers, has managed to wield a significant amount of power. In fact, there’s evidence that the NRA receives funding from foreign sources, such as Russia.

The idea flooding the market with smart guns and smart rifles at low cost is far fetched, for sure, but it could create a path toward protecting schools and other public places.