Adopted teen threatens parents with babies of her own!

Adopted teen threatens parents with babies of her own!

Melissa Dryerg, an adopted 15-year-old girl, said she knew how to get pregnant and was prepared to do so — over and over again — if her parents didn’t respond to her one, simple request.

Melissa’s demand: “Tell me who my real parents are.”

Her scheme worked. The adopted teenager’s threat that she would give birth to multitudes forced her sad, loving parents to reveal the identity of her biological parents.

“It was the most cruel, yet persuasive thing she could have done,” says Vivian Dryerg, 38.

“I am unable to have children of my own. That’s why we adopted Melissa. But I believe in honesty, so I told her she was adopted.”

Melissa’s threat, that she would begin an endless cycle of giving birth — was that much more upsetting because of the fact that her adopted mother was unable to experience the joy and pain of giving birth to her own child.

“We were going to give her that information anyway,” says Vivian. “If she had wanted to know when she turned eighteen, it was her right. But not now.

“We think of Melissa as our baby, and we feel this is not good for her. But it’s better than her getting pregnant. We did what we had to do.”

Says Melissa: “I love Vivian. She is my real mother. I don’t see why she felt so threatened about telling me who my biological mother is.

“But I wanted to know. The curiosity was really getting to me.”

Melissa says that she pulled the strongest punch she had because she knew it would work.

“I know about babies. I know about sex. And I know about birth control. I know Vivian can’t have children of he own, but if I want to have a baby, I will. I plan to use my reproductive powers to my best advantage.”

Melissa says that meeting her real mother was a thrill.

“She’s a lot different from the way I expected her to be,” she says. “But I’m glad I met her. We’re good friends, that’s all. Vivian is my real mother, and she always will be.”

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