Alien visits man in his sleep — And teaches him four languages!

alien man
alien man

Alien visits man in his sleep…And teaches him four languages!

A man who didn’t know how to read or write in any language just one year ago can now speak, read, and write in four different languages — after being visited nightly by an alien teacher!

Says Carmos Hoderos, 26: “I quit school when I was nine, and never picked-up on the reading. Now, I can translate books from one language to another. This alien is a whiz teacher!”

Hoderos says he learns while he sleeps, and that it is effortless. The alien visits him during the night, and when he wakes up, he knows things he never knew before.

He says it all feels like a dream, but the results prove that it is much more than that. He is now fluent in Japanese, Finnish, Russian, and English, as well as his native Spanish.

“And I’m learning more than foreign languages,” says Hoderos. “I’ve had lessons in science, math, history, and even psychology.

“I know it isn’t a dream because I’m being taught things that I’ve never had any exposure to whatsoever. In dreams, that’s impossible.”

With all of his new knowledge, Hoderos has quit his job as a taxi driver. He is now translating books for publishing companies. He is also working on his college degree in night school and plans to eventually become a professor at a university.

“I don’t need to take the classes,” he says. “Because I already know everything that’s being taught. But I want to get a job as a professor, and I can’t get hired unless I have the credentials. It would be a waste for me not to share all of this education.”

The alien, who takes the form of a middle-aged woman, has never told Hoderos what her purpose is.

“She just teaches me,” he says. “Why, I don’t know.”

It seems that the alien is able to implant entire books, and even volumes of reference materials into Hoderos’ brain in a single night. When he awakes, he feels as if he has read certain things, and when he goes to the local library and checks the shelves, he finds that he remembers everything on the pages, as if he had spent weeks studying them.

“I woke up one day and knew how to do nearly everything that could be done on a computer,” he says. “And I had never touched one in my life. It’s amazing.”

Dr. Wilkie Thosith, a researcher at ISAI (Institute for the Study of Alien Invasions), says that it is a unique occurrence on Earth, but not one that surprises him.

“We know that some alien creatures are determined to get our attention, and that they are willing to do outrageous things in order to make themselves known. They are very clever rascals.”

Thosith says that the Alien Institute will be watching the encounters closely.

“These are obviously friendly creatures,” he says. “We would like to engage in some two-way communication eventually, if we can possibly pull it off.”

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  1. l suspect the man has and always had a form of autism. he should be examined by a professional in that field.

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