Barmaid turns customers into sissies with hormones!

sexybarmaidA sexy barmaid calmed down a few of her rowdy male customers by slipping female hormones into their drinks.

Now, instead of being fresh, they’re being feminine!

“They wouldn’t keep their hands off me,” said lovely Kita Quantella, 24. “And they kept asking me to go to bed with them. They were crude, and it was disgusting.”

“Now they’re just like a bunch of harmless girls,” Kita says. “We chat all the time, about just anything. I actually enjoy being around them.”

The dozen or so men who bothered Kita are regular drinkers at Bar San Catolino, and they don’t seem realize that Kita has been slipping estrogen pills into their drinks.

And they don’t seem to mind the changes taking place in their bodies.

They just know that they have larger breasts, wider hips, and higher voices — yet they love drinking at their favorite bar so much that they continue to happily guzzle down the drugged drinks.

They also think Kita is a wonderful girl now — and many of them are giving her girlish advice on hairstyles, make-up, and clothes — which she is happy to have.

“Everyone here adores Kita,” says Taki Ingdese, one of San Catolino’s most frequent customers. Ingdese repeatedly propositioned Kita and pinched her repeatedly — before the hormones. “We used to think of her as a broad. Now she’s just a doll, a sweetheart. We like to do each others nails, and hair, sometimes.”

Kita is pleased with the change in the men and claims she enjoys her job more now.

“They’re just a bunch of fluttery gossips,” Kita says. “Not one of them could harm a fly — since the hormones took effect.”

Kita got a case of estrogen pills from a doctor friend of hers who she had been talking to about her problems at the bar.

She would not reveal the name of the doctor; for fear that he would lose his license, according to a Yugoslavian reporter.

“I will say that he was a sweetheart, and I love him to death,” she said. “I feel like he saved me from a pack of wild animals.”

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  1. hi.. i love what this barmaid did. i wish i was there for the drinks. its great how women can tame us males down. thank you kita…. jeff

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