Car-driving aliens lead people to their dreams!

Car-driving aliens lead people to their dreams!

A group of invisible, big-hearted space beings has been taking the steering wheels of automobiles and helping people find their greatest wishes.

The unseen magical creatures apparently take-over all operations of cars, giving the driver no control. They then drive the cars to places that yield incredible rewards for the passengers.

“No matter where I turned, or how hard I hit the gas or the brakes, the car just went by itself. I had no control,” says Milo Nakara, 46, of Bamta, Thailand. “It was scary, but it turned out to be wonderful.”

Mr. Nakara had been struggling for years, with seven children to feed on his security guard salary. He could barely make ends meet.

His fifteen-year-old beater with less than a gallon of gas in the tank took him down a dirt road and suddenly stopped. When he opened the door he looked down at the ground and picked up a diamond that was nearly the size of a golf ball. He now has millions of dollars safely invested in bonds and security accounts, and all the cash he needs.

“My family is now able to live the good life,” Nakara says. “My wife and I have also established a charity fund which helps out large, poor families. Those invisible creatures have given me a wonderful life, and I’ll always be grateful for it.”

Other people have also had their cars visited by the alien drivers.

A Romanian woman whose son mysteriously disappeared from the home five years ago was taken to him by her alien-driven car.

“I was on my way to the grocery store when the car suddenly got a mind of it’s own,” says Kintina Rasbrow, 29.

“It took me to an orphanage in another town and stopped. Then I couldn’t get the car to start. When I went inside to call for help, I saw my boy standing in hall. He had apparently lost his memory, but when he saw me, it all came back to him. It was a miracle. The experience has made me whole again.”

A Brazilian couple that had been dating for sixteen years was shocked when their car drove them to the church for a beautiful wedding.

“We were going to the bowling alley,” says Lazaro Parkanza, 37. “And suddenly our car took us to a country church.

We went down roads I had never been before. I had no idea where we were going, or how the car even stayed on the road.

“We had been meaning to marry for years, but we were constantly making excuses not to,” says Parkanza. “When our car took us to the church, there was a preacher there ready to marry us. It was just the nudge we needed.”

“We’ve never been happier,” says Helena Parkanza. “We had put it off for so long, and we finally took the plunge.”

Frank Carsnado was 80 pounds overweight and had been on every diet in the book. While he was on his way home from work in Kintz, Chile, his car began driving him out of town.

“I kept trying to stop and turn around, but the space aliens had total control of my vehicle,” says the 53-year-old bricklayer.

“It took me to a special weight loss colony that fit my needs perfectly. I’ve lost 80 pounds, and I never felt better. Those aliens are uncanny.”

Marita Bulsto had given up on finding a husband, even though it had always been her dream to marry and have a child.

“The biological clock was ticking,” says Marita. “And I had just never met Mr. Right.”

She was on her way to the train station to pick up her sister, in Karnstank, East Germany, when her car began going in the opposite direction.

“Those invisible creatures drove me over a hundred miles, to a small village I had never seen before,” she says.

The car stopped at the home of a single man, who turned out to be a perfect match for Marita.

“It was love at first sight,” she says. “We automatically knew we were right for each other, and now we’re happily married with one baby, and another one on the way.”

It is not known what the space beings have in mind for earth. Dr. Edwardo Bartholm, of the ETRC (Extra Terrestrial Research Center), says that time has no meaning for most space aliens.

“They could stay here for another month, or for thousands of years,” says Dr. Bartholm. “There is no way to tell. It would be the same either way for them.

“They might decide to go on to other planets at any given moment, or they might enjoy earth cars and stay for thousands of years. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

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