Daughter sues mom for making her eat broccoli

President George Bush is not the only one who stands-up for his right not to eat broccoli.

Chris Hannish, 38, filed suit against her own mother for making her eat broccoli as a child.

“It is impossible to put a price on the emotional damage that has been done to Chris Hannish,” says a lawsuit filed in superior court in Halsache, France.

“The damage is irreparable, and it was unnecessary,” states the suit.

“Miss Hannish was literally tortured throughout her childhood by a mother who insisted that she eat a food she hated more than anything on earth.

“This is not a case of ‘eat your vitamins,’ or ‘clean your plate,'” says the suit. “It went beyond all reasonable means of parenting. It was a calculated effort on the part of the mother to destroy the well being of the child, and it succeeded. Miss Hannish’s mother grew broccoli in the family garden. The more Miss Hannish protested the food, the more her mother grew.

“Now the plaintiff suffers from a chronic case of SFPV (Systematic Food Preference Violation). The condition is characterized by a severe eating disorder and profound psychological loneliness. She trusts no one, and she has no friends.”

The suit asks for $10 million in damages.

Chris’ accused mother, Harrietta Hannish, is refusing to comment on the case.

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