Doctor's wives have more affairs!

Jealous wives of busy doctors get tired of staying at home day and night while their husbands examine other women’s bodies.

So they’re getting revenge by sleeping with younger, carefree, less busy men — and they’re doing it left and right!

“Our survey indicates that doctors’ wives, on the average, are bored. They are wide open. They are seriously on the make,” says P. Graham Rudistfer, PhD., a leader in the field of extra-marital affairs research.

And there are other reasons for the astounding high rate of infidelity.

“Clearly, money is not enough to keep these women happy. You’ve got to keep in mind,” Rudistfer says. “That the typical doctor’s wife is attractive, intelligent, and energetic. Those factors add up to passion. Typically, they have a large appetite for sex.

“Then, when their husbands are away at the office and hospital 80 and 90 hours a week — these women start to crave not only sex, but love and acceptance. That hunger must be satisfied, somewhere.”

The results of Rudistfer’s research are good news for the young American gigolo with no moral values.

“It’s a bonanza out there for the guy who doesn’t care about anything but having a wild and crazy time,” Rudistfer says. “These women are ready.”

Rudistfer’s findings will be published this fall in The Infidel: Where He or She Stands in Modern Life.

Doctor’s wives have affairs at three times the rate of other women, the research shows.

“This study will certainly be something med students and their girlfriends will want to take a look at before they tie the knot,” says Rudistfer. “Many of them will want to reconsider marriage altogether.”

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  1. I am engaged to marry a doctor and a very busy one at that. The long hours are not just restricted to doctors but many other professionals. I have never had any thought of cheating on him for many reasons, but I guess I will comment on the reason you gave…that these women get bored. I am not bored because I am busy, I have aspirations of my own. If these women are bored, maybe they should use their intelligence, energy, and attractiveness, and get out and do something! Get a job, go to school, exercise, volunteer, don’t have nannies, BE PRODUCTIVE so that they can feel good about themselves and not require outside attention or external forces to boost their self-esteem or “satisfy” their cravings. Sounds like these women either have daddy issues or have way too much time on their hands. Let me tell you, when you and your man get home from 12-16 hour days and you are physically and mentally exhausted, all you want to do is hold each other, and being in the arms of another doesn’t have time to cross your mind. Stop being lazy, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Furthermore, if you are having those kind of emotional issues in which you are willing to sacrifice your marriage for some attention, then that is an issue that would plague these women no matter who they are married to. It’s a personal void and it’s sad. They knew what they were getting into before they married the doctor, deal with the issues.

  2. My husband is a Family Physician. Yes I am lonley but cheat because he works hard? Your article is NOT telling it like it is.

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