Eat with chopsticks — to lose weight!

It’s no accident that chopstick wielding Asian people are thinner than their spoon and fork waving counterparts.

“Weight loss and weight gain are a function of eating speed,” says Dr. Lowen T. Rabosnoff, PhD., director of CWLCI (Chopstick Weight Loss Center Incorporated).

“And using chopsticks forces a person to eat slower.”

How to use chopsticks
How to use chopsticks

According to Rabosnoff, most overweight people eat too quickly. By the time they’ve satisfied their hunger — they’ve eaten far too much.

“After a person eats, it takes between 17 and 20 minutes for the hunger center in the brain to be notified.

“In twenty minutes, a person can eat way too much. The trick is to slow down. Then, when you’re not hungry any more, stop eating.

“Most overweight people eat past being full. In just a few minutes, they stuff themselves,” he says.

Using chopsticks is the perfect way to lose weight, for a number of reasons, Rabosnoff says.

Chopsticks force people to eat slower.

Chopsticks force people to eat stir-fried vegetables, less meat, and rice — the makings of a healthy, low cholesterol diet.

“Rice is one of the best weight loss foods available,” he says. “And it’s hard to eat too much of it with chopsticks.”

Chopsticks take some time to get used to. By the time people pick-up any speed with the little wooden utensils, they’ve gotten their weight loss program off to a great start.

“I’ve seen many people take off ten pounds in the first week,” says Rabosnoff. “And they have a great time losing it.

Tips for Getting Started With Chopsticks

• Take a ten-minute lesson from a Chinese person in order to learn the technique.

• Practice.

• Chop food into bite-sized pieces.

• Lean over your plate.

• Don’t worry if you drop a few bites. Invite your dog or cat to sit nearby.

• Resist the temptation to pick up a fork or spoon. Remember, it will get easier with each meal.

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5 Replies to “Eat with chopsticks — to lose weight!”

  1. Gotta disagree with this one.

    Plenty of chunky asians out there.

    It’s not the chopsticks that cause weight loss. It’s the diet.

    I can tell you from personal experience that many people eat JUST AS FAST with chopsticks as with any other utensil…even sporks.

    The speed of eating is determined by the Force of chewing, the # of cycles per minute, and the rate of swallowing. All of which are excerpt to the state of hunger.

  2. “Rice is one of the best weight loss foods available,” he says. “And it’s hard to eat too much of it with chopsticks.”

    And this quote is totally false.
    If you cook rice in the asian style, so it somewhat sticks together, then you can eat LOTS and LOTS of rice.

    You don’t “pick up” the rice. You use the chopsticks as a sort of shovel.

  3. This page is ridiculous. So you need to ask a Chinese person how to eat with chopsticks, because they are the only ones who use them? Then you are supposed to assume that all Asians are skinny? This is a spoof, right? The only thing that is correct is that if you eat slowly and less, then you will lose weight. I hate to be the one that is too serious on this page, but come on!

  4. Started using chopsticks a few years ago because it was something I always wanted to. Found that it helped me to relax when eating, instead of just shoveling food in my face. Then started to see other people use chopsticks too – mostly non-Chinese.

    One day sat at Sizzlers and looked at the utensils there and wondered, “How many mouths have these been in?” Grabbed my chopsticks and ate my dinner. Used my own pocket knife to cut the steak, finished off using chopsticks.

    A few months later I left my chopsticks at home and was bummed. Used the eating utensils at the restaurant and the first thing I tasted was METAL. Ewww.
    Have since stuck an extra pair of chopsticks in every vehicle, backpack, etc. so I don’t forget again.

    Food tastes better with chopsticks.
    Also a greta source of chopsticks is Everything Chopsticks @ whom I’ve been doing business with that last 7 years.

    * As for those that complain about chopsticks (and those that try to help others use them) they choose to be complainers. These types are often offended by everyday simple pleasures. Pity them, they lost before they began.

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