Fax lovers commit double suicide!

Two passionate office lovers who fell in love on a fax machine and made a suicide pact with each other stuck to their guns and carried out their horrible, desperate pledges.

“If either of us ever loses the use of our fax, we must both kill ourselves that same night, at midnight,” wrote Gloria Medincci, 34, in a letter she faxed her lover, Hokka Gnistica, just weeks before the tragic romance ended.

The Swedish lovers had been exchanging messages several times a day, for over a year.

“I cannot, and will not, live without our constant little notes,” Hokka responded, just minutes later. “I, too, will kill myself if anything gets in the way of our beautiful communications.”

“Then we have a pact,” Gloria faxed back. “That will show them, if they try to stop us.”

“They’ll be sorry, won’t they?” Hokka responded.

The love crazed couple lived four hundreds miles apart and had never met in person. It is unlikely that they ever talked with each other on the phone.

They lived in constant, dreaded fear of being found-out by their bosses.

After their deaths, police investigators located boxes of faxed letters stashed away in closets.

“They both saved everything,” says detective Hans Gradish. “We were able to piece together the entire story.”

It was Hokka’s office manager, Garby Jons, 23, who discovered that Hokka was using the fax machine for personal letters.

“I had to put an end to it,” says the stunned Jons. “Anyone can see that. But I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know it was like this. I had no idea.”

The lovers met during a routine business exchange. Hokka’s company mailed Gloria’s a price list. In the short time their relationship lasted, they faxed over two thousand pages to each other.

“You’d think that a couple like this would tell each other lies and try to build themselves up,” says Investigator Gradish. “But these two were totally honest. These letters point to a more passionate, truthful, committed love than I’ve ever seen before.”

Both Gloria and Hokka used revolvers to kill themselves, even though there was no evidence in their correspondence that they had discussed the method of suicide.

“It is possible that they had talked to each other on the phone at home, or from somewhere else. It’s even possible that the whole affair was some kind of cover-up,” Gradish says. “But that is very, very doubtful.”
From Confessions of a Tabloid Writer!

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