Handicapped great-grandfather delivers baby! And now he remembers his own birth!

A 79-year-old handicapped granddad has proven that he’s not too old to be useful by delivering a baby — his own great-grandson — under extraordinary emergency pressure!

And the entire ordeal has caused his memory to become crystal clear — going right back to the womb!

Migel Singala, 79, a retired auto mechanic, is not only confined to a wheelchair, but is also legally blind and deaf.  Even though he has never been inside a hospital delivery room in his life, doctors say he did an excellent job.

“The baby couldn’t be healthier,” says Dr. Petro Dalstanta, of Cantino Memorial Hospital in Cantino, Argentina.

“My instincts took over,” says Singala.  “Nothing mattered except that mother and baby.  It was as if my sight and hearing came back, my arthritis was gone, and I had been delivering babies all of my life.”

The incredible old fellow was spending a peaceful afternoon rocking on the front porch when his grandson’s pregnant wife began calling for help.  Migel was the only one home.

“When I heard her call out for me, I knew she was going into labor,” says Singala, the proud great grandfather of a healthy, nine and a half pound baby boy that he brought into the world himself.

“She never would have disturbed me otherwise.  The timing couldn’t have been worse.”

Singala’s grandson, Kelpa, was supposed to have been at work, where he could be reached by phone when it was time to go to the hospital.  But when Paulina called to tell him that she was going into labor, he wasn’t there.

As it turned out, he had just left work, and, without telling anyone, stopped at the pool hall for about five hours of pool and beer on the way home — arriving after the birth of his son.

“I was so mad at Kelpa that day I could have killed him,” says Paulina.  “Now I forgive him.  I want a happy home for our baby.  And what Migel did was remarkable.  He saved my life and my baby’s.”

“I did what I had to do,” Miguel says.  “First I called for an ambulance — but things started going so fast that I had to deliver the baby myself.

“I can hardly see anymore, but for that short period of time I could see fine.  It seemed like I was a youngster again.

Of course, I do know where everything is in this house.  I boiled some water, sterilized a pair of scissors, pulled the baby out, cut the umbilical cord, and wrapped the little fellow in a clean blanket.

“I’ve lived seventy-nine years, but that was certainly the most remarkable thing that’s ever happened to me.”

The great-granddad says the experience was so powerful that it caused him to remember his own birth.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” he says.  “It triggered my memory so that I can now vividly remember being born.  If my mother were alive, may she rest in peace, I would get down on my hands and knees and thank her for the pain she went through during my childbirth.  Then I’d give her the biggest hug she ever had.

“I wasn’t an easy baby to have.  You might say that I was stubborn.  It was warm and safe in that womb, and I really didn’t want to come out.”

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