Mother carries belly-dancing daughter's baby – So she could keep working!

belly dancer
belly dancer

A fifty-year-old woman allowed her womb to be used to carry her daughter’s baby to term — because her daughter couldn’t afford to take the time off work for the pregnancy.

Marilyn Produsti, 31, and her husband, Pete, 33, wanted to start a family, but Marilyn’s income was too important to give up.

“Nobody wants to see a pregnant belly dancer,” says Marilyn. “I would have had to stop working, and then we wouldn’t have had the income necessary to support a new baby.

“But Mom had the time and the body for the job, so she agreed to do it for us,” she says. “We’ve always been close. She’s so supportive.”

First, Marilyn became pregnant by her husband, Pete. Then the doctors removed the fertilized egg from her body and implanted it into her mother’s body.

Marilyn’s mother, Virginia Cropper, 50, says it was a wonderful experience.

“I’ve always been willing to do anything for my loving daughter,” says Virginia. “That’s part of being a mother. I have a lot more time than she does, and I’ve always enjoyed being pregnant.”

Besides Marilyn, Virginia has three other children, all grown.

“I’m in great health. It was an easy pregnancy and an easy delivery. When you’re just lying around the house watching T.V., what difference does being pregnant make, anyway? It was a thoroughly satisfying experience, and now I’m a grandmother!”

The Produsti’s now have a beautiful baby boy to show for their creative efforts. They named the baby Shawn, after the baby’s grandfather, Virginia’s husband. He was born a healthy eight pounds, four ounces.

“He’s growing like a weed,” Marilyn said. “We all just adore him. And I never had to stop work. Mom keeps him for me when I go to work now.”

Marilyn works as a free-lance belly dancer and some say she is one of the best in the business, commanding top dollar for her performances.

“I do parties, gags, conventions, just all kinds of things,” Marilyn says. “I get to meet so many wonderful people.

And I have such a good reputation that I frequently turn down work. That’s why I didn’t want to stop to be pregnant. Now, I can be choosy about where I dance. I didn’t want to have to go through the hassle of getting back into shape, and then having to start from scratch again.”

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  1. The dancer in this photo is NOT NOT NOT the dancer you are talking about in your article – that is VERY misleading!

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