Slam, bam, thank you ma'am! Doctor fathers fifty babies during check-ups, then flees from angry moms!

A mentally deranged gynecologist/obstetrician with a booming practice and a hefty ego went wild with his own sperm and impregnated fifty women during routine exams — without them knowing it.

He then delivered his own babies.

Dr. Randolph Wintermeyer has now fled the country to escape criminal charges after several of the young mothers met in a support group and put two and two together.

“It’s one thing to get pregnant after having sex,” says Barbara Powdishter, PhD.

“But it’s quite another to become pregnant when you haven’t had sex for several months. We noticed that a lot of pregnant women claimed that they had not been sexually active in quite some time.”

In an effort to help the women, Dr. Powdishter, a group therapist, created a PWS (Pregnant Without Sex) support group.

“It became clear in the first session what had happened,” she says. “All the women have one thing in common. Dr. Wintermeyer was their doctor.”

The women said the doctor was so smooth with his impregnation technique that none of them had the slightest suspicion about what he was doing to them.

The women brought their babies with them to Dr. Powdishter’s second group session, only to find that the little cuties have something in common too. They have eyes, ears, noses, and mouths that make them all the spitting image of Dr. Wintermeyer!

The sneaky doctor caught wind of what was happening the next morning and fled the country as irritated young mothers gathered at the courthouse across town and filed rape and assault charges against him.

So far, no clues have surfaced about Wintermeyer’s location.

Even his wife of thirty years is perplexed about her wily husband’s activities and whereabouts.

“I don’t know where he went, and I’m not surprised he left,” says Mabel Wintermeyer, 54. “He was as much a mystery to me as he is to everyone else.”

Mabel says she and her husband had not had sex in over twenty years. She also says she is sure he never had an affair with a patient.

“He hated sex, but he was fascinated with pregnancy,” said his wife of thirty years. “I’m sure that’s why artificial insemination appealed to him so much. He always came home excited when he found out one of his patients was pregnant.”

“In a way, it’s a little sad that he can’t watch his fifty children grow up. He loved kids.”

The couple had no children of their own.

“If only we could have had a family of our own — just a few kids,” says Mabel. “Things would have turned out very differently.”

Several of the mothers swear that they will look for the doctor until they find him.

“We’re going to make him pay for this crime to the full extent of the law,” says Sherry Maspuque, 22, one of Wintermeyer’s victims.

Says Ms. Maspuque, who now spends most of her time taking care of her infant boy, Arnie: “This baby has virtually destroyed my career. I was in beauty school forty-five hours a week before this happened. I would have been finished by now. Now I’ve cut back to fifteen hours a week, and I’ve got two years in the program still to go.

“Most of the other mothers feel the same way, she says. “We hate the man, and we want to see him caught and killed.”

From Confessions of a Tabloid Writer!

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