Teacher Killed by 5-Year-old Karate Kid!

More than twenty small children stood wailing and watching in fear as a five-year-old boy who took karate lessons on Saturdays swung around and killed his kindergarten teacher after she had told him to sit in time-out for being bad.

karate kid

Marc Wiltonston, 5, of Berlshire, England, kicked his teacher’s feet out from under her and delivered a fatal, single, devastating karate chop to the head. The whole incident happened in a flash.

Shelly Kricher, 22, had told the child to sit in the corner in absolute silence for three minutes. Time-out was a common punishment in her classroom, and the boy had refused to stop talking after she told the class to be quiet.

The hot-tempered boy, who had been taking karate for a year, then snapped his legs and arms into a violent rage that abruptly cut-down the life of his day-care teacher.

His karate instructor was horrified.

“Marc has been doing very well in karate, but I wouldn’t say he’s the best in the class,” said Ben Smott, his karate teacher. “He’s just a yellow belt. I’d say he just caught her with a lucky blow.”

“Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand the proper use for karate. I refuse to teach him anymore.”

Emergency workers who arrived on the scene say the teacher died instantly.

Other children stood by, sobbing pitifully as they saw their teacher laying dead on the floor, with little Marc standing beside her, hands on his hips and proud of his death-dealing blow.

Friends say that Sally Kricher was a beautiful, slim, sexy brunette who was engaged to get married in two months. At age 22, she was just starting her career in childcare.

“She was so patient and warm-hearted,” says Mrs. Della Ban, who owns Happy Day Center for Tots, where Sally worked.

“And she loved kids. She worked here because she felt that her purpose in life was to help others, and she felt this was a way to do that.

The juvenile court judge ordered little Marc Wiltonston to give up karate lessons for the rest of his life, and to do 20,000 hours worth of community service work over the next ten years.

Marc’s parents, Gene Wiltonston, 33, and Helen Wiltontson, 32, do not put all of the blame on their son.

“From what Marc tells us, some other kids were misbehaving too, but Marc was the one who got caught,” said Gene Wiltonston.

“Marc says that she picked on him all the time. Of course, we’ll never hear her side of full story, since she’s dead.”

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10 Replies to “Teacher Killed by 5-Year-old Karate Kid!”

  1. Did the parent REALLY say that?!?! Was is taken out of context???? THAT is SICKENING! If they really think that way, they are right, the child is not the only one at fault, they are too! Absolutely DISGUSTED!!!

  2. you forget that it said “he kicked the teacher’s feet from under her”… that would mean she would fall and he could hit her head

  3. What?? It even took a 5 year old just to kill a teacher??
    That’s pathetic, even a 1 year old can kill Wrestling Champion.

  4. okay, glad to know our society isn’t headed to hell in a hand basket since while reading this, horrified, i thought “this can’t be true, and if it is, i am beyond depressed” so glad to know it’s invented but still sad that it could have almost been believable since we do have kids and parents who think/act this way.

  5. He may have been the only one who got caught but your still his parents teach your children not to hit their teachers

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