They have sex on earth, give birth in space — sexy alien women visit earth on pregnancy missions; victims say it's heaven on earth’

sexy alien woman
sexy alien woman

In an attempt to populate the universe with human colonies, a group of beautiful, sexy, fertile aliens have been visiting earthmen at night and giving them the times of their lives!

Harold Lundraiys, 24, was approached by one of the temptresses in a bar.

“She got right in my face,” says Lundraiys, a carpenter.  “And she looked magnificent.  Then she told me exactly who she was, what she wanted, and why.  I was happy to oblige.  We went back to my place.  Believe me, it was heaven on Earth.”

According to the fathers-to-be, the alien women possess the otherworldly flexibility to take any form they like.

Says another lucky man, Dr. Alfredo Cransfuelle, a twenty-nine-year-old chiropractor:  “She was after my sperm, and she wanted me to find her attractive.  She told me she could become blond, brunette, or dark haired; tall and slim, muscular, or petite — whatever I wanted.

“She was such a lovely brunette, I asked her to please not change a thing, even though I do, technically, prefer blondes,” says Alfredo.  “Before I knew it, she became the sexiest blond bombshell I’ve ever seen in my life.”

The aliens are completely open about what they do.  Before they say their goodbyes, they tell their Earth lovers who they are and what their mission is.

“This absolutely beautiful woman appeared in my bed one night,” says Marty Crossbing, 39, a computer technician.

“Naturally, I was shocked and scared, but she was so sexy I found myself powerless when faced with her wishes.  I had the time of my life, and then she told me she was going to have my baby — in another galaxy!

sexy alien woman
sexy alien woman

“I don’t know whether they are doing research on the human species, or whether they are sincerely interested in populating their world with humans.  I do know this, though.  They won’t get much argument from the men down here.”

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  1. I’ve had about 6 million of these fabulous alien women over the past 44 years and it’s not about to stop any time soon.

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