Woman feeds hubby his pet pooch! In spaghetti sauce!

A woman who got totally fed-up with her husband paying more attention to his Golden Retriever than to her had the pet secretly butchered and fed it to him in spaghetti sauce.

Antonio Stephano, 56, immediately filed for divorce when his wife, Lucina Stephano, 49, told him, victoriously, of her scheme. By then, the dog was completely consumed.

“All he ever cared about were his pets,” said Lucina. “He wouldn’t go to work at all, so he could stay home and feed and walk that dog. He brushed her hair at least twenty-five times a day. He didn’t even notice that I wasn’t eating with him. That’s how little he noticed me.”

“I had a friend of mine who is a butcher slaughter the animal and mix its meat with beef. Antonio ate it and couldn’t tell the difference. I told him what I did after he had eaten the whole dog.”

“Marcia was a beautiful animal,” said Antonio. “I’ll never forgive my wife for what she did. It makes me sick. Marcia was just a pet, and that woman is crazy.”

Antonio has filed for divorce in Southwest London, where the two now live. He called Scotland Yard in an attempt to have his wife charged with animal murder, but was not successful.

“The butcher denies it,” Antonio says, and even though Lucina told me what she did, she’ll lie to the police.”

“I thought the dog had gotten out by accident and been stolen,” Antonio said. “I had no idea I was eating her every night for a week. This is the most cruel thing she has ever done to me.”

“We have not gotten along well for several years, but after thirty years of marriage, you try to keep going. Now I hate her. I never want to see her again.”

Lucina claims that Antonio was lazy and insensitive, and had not compromised about anything in all their years of marriage.

“He deserved every bite he took,” she said. “And he told me that he liked the sauce, before he knew what was in it.”

From Confessions of a Tabloid Writer!

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