Women with bigger breasts have more sex! As do men with bigger chests!

The reason some people have more sex in their lives than others is simple — it’s determined by the size of their breasts!

On the average, women with larger breasts have twice as much sex as flat chested women.

And, men with bulging chest muscles have twice as much sex as men with soft chests and bulging bellies.

“There is a direct correlation between breast and chest size and sexual activity,” says the opening passage of “Sex: Why Some People Have More of it than Others.”

Pams large breasts
Pam's large breasts

“Men will not admit that breast size is so important to them. Nor are most of them even aware of it,” says Bulgarian researcher Willa R. Lornstonvck, author of the article.

“They will list dozens of other factors — both physical and psychological.

“But when you look at what they do, rather than what they say, our research data indicates that breast size is the one factor that really counts.”

The article appeared in the monthly journal, Extrapolations on The Human Animal.

“Women are a little more honest,” says Lornstonvck. “They’ll tell you that they love muscular chests, and they do.”

“Most of the past research on sex has been biased toward the realm of psychology and the intellect,” Lornstonvk says. “That’s because it has been conducted by men — and they want to make themselves look good. They’ve been hiding the truth. It’s going to take more women, like me, to uncover it.”

Tips for those who want more sex:


• wear a padded bra

• work on your posture

• consider implant surgery

• do upper body work-outs


• join a gym and work out

• buckle belt one notch tighter

• skip an occasional meal

• pull back your shoulders

5 Replies to “Women with bigger breasts have more sex! As do men with bigger chests!”

  1. No doubt the big breast attract men and igitate instant sex in men. big breast also gives much taste during sexual love. I very much like the women with heavy breast.

  2. thats not true…I am a small breasted woman and I love to have sex often. I am the one who initiates it mostly. I seduce my husband and am a very passionate woman. So I feel this is all not true that only BIG BOOBS are good at sex.

  3. I think it’s more that if you have big boobs you attract the superficial 1-night-stands more often, I have never dated a woman because of looks. Also I have no preference to breast size, I hardly notice it, I guess it’s just sone paraphillia I don’t have

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