I was in bed, hungover, hungry, and feeling pretty crappy, and Althea jumped on top of me, grabbed my head, smiled like hell right in my face, and told me, “he gave me the go-ahead, told me to marry you.”

“What a relief,” I said. “Ug.”

“Your head hurts, baby?”

I nodded. She clutched my head so tight it shook the two of us.

“This light’s too bright for you,” she said.

It was bright. That late morning sun washed the room. She let my head drop, grabbed a pillow and placed it upon my face. Then she said, “this’ll work,” and went down into the covers, used that warm, buttery touch of hers, and kissed me in that perfect place several times.

It was a fantasy, really, what happened next. But that’s what moments like these are made for, isn’t it? Real life fantasies? Pre-marital nuance? And why not? Real life nightmares are all around, why not experience a real life fantasy once in a while?

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