Coffee Therapy — the play

In the coffee shop, DARNELL is alone, doing absolutely nothing. He leans against the counter with his chin in his palm, waiting.
A man walks in. He’s arrogant, stiff, and a bit like a politician.

Hazelnut cappucino Tall cup. Lot’s of froth. Not too sweet. Not too hot. I don’t want ground beans. You flake ’em, right?

Yep. Coming right up.
DARNELL gets to work.

Typical for human beings on this planet, huh? So routine.
He motions toward DARNELL.
Looks like he’s done that a thousand times before. Running his numbers. It’s not dying, and it’s not living. It’s survival, late 20th century style. Angst. An existential wash-out. So many of our basic needs are met that a new paradigm is required. A new technology. He hasn’t a clue as to what life could offer if he had the opportunity and inclination to evolve into a perpetual state of transmutation. Opportunity is the key to it. That’s my mission – to bring Perpetual Transmutation to the masses. Therapy, trainings, workshops – it’s all a game that’s too ineffectual for me to play. People are hungry for the next level. I’m here to present a paper: “High Tech Perpetual Transmutation in an Instant Tech World for Low Tech Individuals Stuck in the Slow Tech Lane.” It’s going to blow away this convention.
DARNELL serves the cappuccino and the man tastes it.

Shit. This is hot!


Sorry? Sorry don’t get my taste buds back.

It’s on the house.

Hell, I know that, buddy. You can stick your coffee up your whazoo.
The man leaves the coffee and walks out. DARNELL calls after him.

I’ll fix you another one.

off stage, calling back
Forget it!

Come back any time.

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